Jaguars lose to Fitzpatrick and the Dolphins

Going into this week I was semi confident in the Jaguars ability to win against the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins started the season off 0-2, and the Jaguars were a strong 1-1 going into Thursday nights matchup. In my head when predicting the win for Jacksonville I looked into how well they have been playing versus how well the Dolphins have been playing keeping in mind that the dolphins probably really want to get their first win on the season. The only thing I forgot to consider was how well Ryan Fitzpatrick always plays against the Jacksonville Jaguars. He has our number! Fitzpatrick’s record against the Jaguars is 6-2 on 6 different teams. Another huge thing to notice from this game is that this was the first double digit win for the Miami Dolphins in 39 games…

How The Game Played Out

Jacksonville once again started the game slow and just never really found their way down the field. To lose by 18 points and only score 13 points all night you would assume they had multiple turnovers but that just simply wasn’t the case. The Jacksonville Jaguars only turned the ball over once when it mattered with a Minshew fumble. Gardner Minshew also recorded another interception on the season with 2:34 remaining trying to make some magic happen late. Overall the layout of the game was the Jaguars couldn’t stop Fitzpatrick, and the Dolphins continuously stopped the Jaguars. At halftime the score was 21-7 already, and then the only score was a 1 yard rush for Fitzpatrick to put them up 28-7. In the 4th quarter the Jaguars finally scored again but missed the extra point making the score 28-13. The Jaguars only down 15 now got a defensive 3 and out leading to a punt with 5:54 remaining. Unfortunately for the Jaguars they also got held and turned the ball over after -6 yard sack on Gardner Minshew on 4th down. This led to the Miami running the majority of the clock down and then making a field goal for your final score 31-13.

Notable Stats

Gardner Minshew- 30/42 275 yards 0 Touchdowns 1 Interception 1 Fumble 3 Carries 22 Yards= 297 Total Yards

James Robinson- 11 Carries 46 Yards 2 Touchdowns 6 Catches 83 Yards= 129 Total Yards

Myles Jack- 11 Tackles 7 solo

Ryan Fitzpatrick- 18/20 160 yards 2 Touchdowns 0 Interceptions 7 Carries 38 Yards 1 Touchdown= 198 Yards 3 Touchdowns

Looking Into Next Week

Next week the Jacksonville Jaguars travel to Cincinnati to battle it out against Joe Burrow and the Bengals. The Bengals have not won a game yet this season but have not lost by more than 5 points. We will have to watch to see how they stack up against the Eagles on Sunday, but if the Jaguars fail to put pressure on the young Rookie Burrow they will just feed into his confidence. The Jaguars have had 3 Sacks all season exactly 1 sack a game in comparison Gardner Minshew has been sacked 11 times in the last 3 games almost 4 times as often.


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