Jacksonville Jaguars Lose Away Battle.

The Jacksonville Jaguars were predicted to lose on the road going into this week making the Titans the 76% favorite. I thought our Jags had much better odds after watching our home opener, and discovering that there would be no fans in attendance in Tennessee. Without any fans a home game is not so much an advantage, and more so feels like an exhibition game trust me I played in some Christmas basketball tournaments in college. It’s hard to take the game as seriously when you feel like no one is watching but at the same time comebacks on the road are easier without the fans adding pressure.

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How The Game Played Out

Once again, the Jaguars came out with a slow start against the Tennessee Titans getting down 14-0. They would however score with a touchdown pass over the middle making the score 14-7 going into the second quarter. Tennessee had the ball for the majority of the second quarter before scoring there 3rd touchdown making the score 21-7. Gardner Minshew came out and executed a decent 2 minute drill to bring his team down the field leading to a field goal with 17 seconds remaining in the half (21-10). For some strange reason the Jaguars coaching staff thought it would be a good idea to try an onside kick which then set up Tennessee for a field goal of their own to finish out the 1st half (24-10). The Jacksonville Jaguars fans we follow on social media were all very confused, and some even giving up on the game entirely after that decision making. It was just 3 points this wouldn’t come back to bite them right? Well it did! The Jaguars came out of the locker room on fire making a great drive down the field leading to a 17 yard rushing touchdown for James Robinson the undrafted rookie we added to our “Upcoming Players To Become Fans Of” section after a great rookie debut last week. The Tennessee Titans would answer back rather quickly with a touchdown of their own but missed extra point making the score 30-17 going into the 4th quarter. A huge 39 yard run for Robinson and a 2 yard touchdown pass from Minshew and a missed extra point from Lambo would bring it to a 1 touchdown game with 14 minutes remaining (30-23). After that the Titans were held to a punt, and our Jaguars would take advantage with another touchdown with an amazing touchdown from Gardner Minshew to Chris Thompson. This score tied the game up with about 7 minutes remaining (30-30). Both defenses would hold the other teams offense for punts but then the Titans would move the ball down the field and unfortunately make a field goal that eventually won the game. 33-30. See how the 3 point misshape before halftime came back to bite them…

Notable Stats

Gardner Minshew- 30/45 339 Yards 3 Touchdowns 2 Interceptions

James Robinson- 102 yards 1 Touchdown (6.4 yards per carry)

Myles Jack – 11 Tackles 6 solo

Ryan Tannehill 18/24 239 yards 4 Touchdowns 0 Interceptions. (Not enough QB pressure on the day for Jacksonville only recording 1 Sack as a team.)

Looking Into Next Week

Next week the Jacksonville Jaguars face the Miami Dolphins in Duuuuuval. The projection on ESPN says that the dolphins are 50.9% likely to win this game. Which is insane because the Jaguars are playing at home, and the Miami Dolphins have yet to win a game this season. I think our Jacksonville Jaguars have been playing to hard, and well against good teams to be disrespected this way. I have us winning 27-14 next week.


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