Jacksonville Jaguars Limits stadiums Capacity

Jacksonville Jaguars Announce 25% Max Capacity

The Jacksonville Jaguars Announced to their season ticket holders that they planned to run the show with a max capacity of 25% for the upcoming 2020-21 Season. They also said that they would basically play it by ear. If conditions improved obviously they would ope n their venue up to a larger crowd. Other guidelines that they have instilled for their season include a mandatory face mask policy for all of their fans and ythey are currently working with ticketmaster to try to figure out a way they can keep parties socially distanced.

Picture from a Post on the Jaguars website back in April 2020- https://www.jaguars.com/news/jaguars-purchasing-distributing-team-branded-masks-in-fight-against-covid-19

The Jacksonville Jaguars told Season Ticket holders that “all season tickets will be returned, and funds paid to date will be credited to accounts”. Throughout this pandemic the Jacksonville Jaguars have been quietly supporting the Jacksonville Community, and trying to come up with a safe way to operate their upcoming season. With coronavirus cases reaching a record high for most new cases in a single day (15,300) in Florida I think it is a good call to at least take these precautions. Jacksonville wants it’s sports back however we all need to understand how serious this virus is, and do everything we can to help stall it until their is a reliable vaccine created and distributed.


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