Jacksonville Jaguars Lose Away Battle. The Jacksonville Jaguars were predicted to lose on the road going into this week making the Titans the 76% favorite. I thought our Jags had much better odds after watching our home opener, and discovering that there would be no fans […]
Jacksonville Jaguars Coronavirus Empty Stadium
Jacksonville Jaguars Win Home-Opener!!! Are the Jacksonville Jaguars tanking? This question has been floating around ever since the team has parted ways with some major assets. But after a huge home-opening win versus the Colts, I think we can chalk it up to the General Manager […]
Yannick Ngakoue Traded To Minnesota Vikings Yannick Ngakaue is a great player overall, and has done a lot in the community since arriving in Jacksonville, Florida. Unfortunately the Jacksonville Jaguars have chosen to trade him to the Minnesota Vikings for a 2nd-round pick in 2021 and […]
Leonard Fournette Waived by Jagaurs
Jacksonville Jaguars Waive Leonard Fournette Many Jacksonville Jaguars fans woke up scratching their heads this morning to the news of Leonard Fournette being traded. Leonard Fournette was drafted with then 4th overall puck back in 2017, and almost every fan of the Jaguars would not consider […]
ECHL 2020 All Star Classic Jacksonville, Florida
ECHL Announces Jacksonville, Florida as 2022 All Star Classic With the Jacksonville Icemen 2019-2020 season being canceled, and then their 2020-2021 season being postponed it’s great to get some good news finally. The ECHL announced that their 2022 All Star Classic will be held in Jacksonville, […]
Jacksonville Icemen Hockey
ECHL Postpones Season The ECHL has decided to postpone their season until the beginning of December. The league was supposed to begin play on October 16th, 2020 before the board made the decision to postpone. So what is the ECHL? The ECHL is a mid-level professional […]
ABA Announces Delayed/ Shortened Season Now some of you might be thinking what is the ABA? The ABA also known as the american basketball association is a semi professional basketball league in the United States. Your Jacksonville Giants have been dominating this league for the past […]
Jacksonville Jaguars Limits stadiums Capacity
Jacksonville Jaguars Announce 25% Max Capacity The Jacksonville Jaguars Announced to their season ticket holders that they planned to run the show with a max capacity of 25% for the upcoming 2020-21 Season. They also said that they would basically play it by ear. If conditions […]
Jacksonville, Florida
Covid-19 V.S. Jacksonville Sports Covid-19 has seemed to have taken a huge toll on the sports community world wide. However we wanted to let you know how each Jacksonville pro team/ university is dealing with this nationwide pandemic. Deals, season info, and ways you can help […]
Jacksonville Icemen Receive $1+ Million Gift From City On June 23rd the City of Jacksonville city council approved to give over $16 million dollars to 72 local businesses, and non profits. The Jacksonville Icemen requested nearly 1.2 million and ended up getting 1.07 million. Sports teams […]